COVID Agreement between IBEW and NECA

NECA/IBEW Agreement to Suspend the National Disease Emergency Response Agreement (NDERA)

This Agreement is made and entered into by and between the National Electrical Contractors Association (“NECA”) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (“IBEW”) (together the “Parties”), and it is applicable to all firms and IBEW local unions that sign a Letter of Assent to be bound to a construction agreement between any chapter of NECA and any local union of the IBEW.


TO: All NECA Chapters and IBEW U.S. Local Union Business Managers

CC: All NECA and IBEW District and Regional Field Operations, Officers and Staff

FROM: IBEW International President Lonnie R. Stephenson, NECA CEO David Long

SUBJECT: Questions and Answers (Q&A) - National Disease Emergency Response Agreement (NDERA)

DATE: March 19, 2020