Filing for Unemployment

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Interim Commissioner Bartolomeo and Deputy Commissioner Dudzinski had been asked by the Connecticut Building Trades leadership to assist their members by developing a “How to” unemployment guide for their members

The agency exempts union construction members, that are in good standing and expect to receive employment from their union hall, from weekly work search requirements.

The agency has developed the below for Initial Claims and must be followed as stated below. 

Connecticut Building Trades Unemployment Guidance For initial Claim

Below are screen shots of questions unemployed individuals need to answer during their initial claim.

  1. In the “Occupational/Educational Information” section, it is vital an applicant answer yes to the question “Do you expect to receive employment through a Union Hall”
  2. Additionally, in the “Eligibility Questions” section, it is also vital an applicant answer yes to the question  “Are you a member of a union”

Follow this “How to” guide for weekly claims to bypass the weekly search requirements

When a member is filing a weekly claim, you will be asked a series of questions:

  • Have you called 3 employers looking for work?
    • your answer will be (NO)
  • Have you enrolled in a school or job learning program?
    • your answer will be (NO)
  • at this point there will be a blank box that will ask the member to explain
    • Response or comment with: I am a member of a union.  I am in good standing with my Union.  I am currently seeking work through my local Union.

This response will be reviewed by a person, they will correct your profile and add that you are a Union Member.  The JOB SEEKING question should not show up on your next unemployment filing.  ***NOTE, this might take a couple of days because it is changed manually by a person***